Hello! I’m Giselle General.

NOTE: This is the personal page of the same person running for city council in Edmonton for ward sipiwiyiniwak (West Edmonton). The campaign website is here! https://www.gisellegeneral.ca/


I help, I learn, I make, and want to help some more.

Community service is my passion, which is why I have chosen to work in the not-for-profit sector. I am currently the Volunteer Coordinator for the Edmonton Community Legal Centre, where I support a few hundred volunteers in providing accessible legal services to the community.My job involves additional hats such as managing events, programs and web presence, and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Outside my paid job, I strive to help and share to make the community better. From sharing myself literally by donating blood and hair, sitting in government-based and community-based boards, assisting my cultural community at events, being a freelance columnist for an ethic newspaper, and revving my sewing machine to craft fabric items free of charge, I live by the principle that volunteering magnifies the impact that social causes aim to achieve.

My hobbies involve writing in my personal blog, doing arts and crafts – particularly using recycled materials, playing board games, and spending time with my boys at home – my significant other and my brother.