Community service is my passion, which is why I worked in the not-for-profit sector for just over 10 years.

My last position was being the Volunteer and Events Coordinator for the Edmonton Community Legal Centre, where I support a few hundred volunteers in providing accessible legal services to the community. It’s basically Human Resource Management without the payroll part, as these volunteers generously share their talents and kindness free of charge. My job involves additional hats such as website and social media management, facilitating programs such as legal education and identification clinics, and organizing special events.

Outside my paid job, I strive to help and share to make the community better. Some past and current ways I share time and resources are, teaching schoolchildren about business through Junior Achievement, blogging to help fellow students during their Cooperative Education Program, being a committed member of the Business and Beyond Toastmasters Club, being a regular donor at the Canadian Blood Services, a columnist for the Alberta Filipino Journal, donating to various causes, event organizing with the John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights, board positions with the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues and Edmonton Multicultural Coalition, and most recently, Programs Director for the West Meadowlark Community League.

The latest big adventure I pursued was running for public office, during the 2021 City of Edmonton municipal election, where I ran for a city councillor position for ward sipiwiyiniwak. I got second place, as a first-time candidate, a respectable performance in an election during a pandemic.

My dream and goal is that through my occupation and community involvements, that I help reduce barriers in our community. These are the barriers that prevent people from achieving their full potential, having timely access to necessary services, or receiving adequate and appropriate healing and support after experiencing hardship and trauma. This can only be achieved through a never-ending process of learning, awareness, collaborative effort, and being our best selves even when times are challenging. In short, I am in the helping people industry.

I graduated from the University of Alberta, completing the Bachelor of Commence Cooperative Education Program, Major in Business Economics and Law and minor in Strategic Management and Organization. Throughout university and beyond, I sold cameras and cellphones at Future Shop, help establish a new department in an organization, and worked as an intern to develop company policy and training materials. I was the first Student Governance Office for the Students’ Union and was recognized by The Wanderer Magazine for contributions during the university years.

My hobbies involve writing in my personal blog, making arts and crafts – particularly using recycled materials, playing board games, and spending time with my boys – my significant other and my brother.